You can bake it with the box stuff, but it doesn’t shake like this does! — Crunchy onion panko breaded pork chops & chicken tenders.

Two posts in one week!  Well, these were dishes I kept intending to do for Geek Girl Gourmet but forgot my camera every time.  So here it goes.  This is something I’ve been making for the household for months now, and it’s tasty and tender and wonderful.  I mention making it, and my sister gets excited.  And usually when I make it, I make the thin, center-cut pork chops for my sister, the Roommate, and myself, and then I do the same thing with chicken tenders for my aunt, who isn’t so fond of pork.  And let me tell you, this tastes great on both the pork and the chicken.  In fact, this breading is so good that I’m thinking of adding it the next time I make mac and cheese and alter my recipe up a bit.

Don’t worry.  If I do that, I’ll either post and update or a whole new mac and cheese post with the alterations.

This is a really easy meal, and it’ll go with any veggie or sides, though I’ve usually made it with mac and cheese or potatoes of some sort.  Tonight’s came with sauteed cabbage for my sister and me and peas for the Roommate and my aunt.  I’ll admit that I cheated and used a box sour cream and chives potato side because potatoes have been pretty pricy lately.  It’s not the holiday season quite yet, after all.


3-4 thin, center-cut pork chops (or 5-6 chicken tenders or 3-4 chicken breasts that have been pounded thin)

1/2 cup panko crumbs for every pork chop (or two chicken tenders or one chicken breast)

1/4 cup French’s Fried Onions for every pork chop (or two chicken tenders/one chicken breast)

Pam (or any generic spray oil)

salt, to taste

(for the cabbage)

3 tbsp of butter per half a head of cabbage

half a head of cabbage, chopped into small bites


1. Heat the oven to 400ºF.  Take a baking sheet and cover it with aluminum foil then spray that with Pam.

2. Put the panko and French’s Fried onions into a gallon-sized freezer bag.  Add salt to taste if you like.  Make sure all the air is out of the bag then seal it.  Make sure the onions and panko are well-mixed then use a rolling pin or the flat side of a meat tenderizer and crush them together even more — often the onions are in big pieces, and you want them smaller, at least a little closer to the size of the panko.  Pour half of the breading into a bowl.  You want to do this because if you wind up with leftover breading, you can save it for the next time (and not have it contaminated by raw meat).

Panko/Onion breading

3. Lightly salt the pork chops and/or chicken then set into the breading to coat.  Coat both sides then set onto the baking sheet.  Now, this is the trick to make them taste even better.  Take pinches of the breading and place on the top of each piece of meat.  Spray the top of the breaded meat with Pam to help the breading brown and to help it be crispy.

Pork & Chicken Breaded

4. Bake the breaded pork and/or chicken for 25-30 minutes then take out of the oven and let stand for 5 minutes to keep from drying out.

Cooked Pork & Chicken

5. For the cabbage, cut it up into slices first then what would appear to be cubes.  Break apart to make it easier to stir.

Cut uncooked cabbage

6. Melt the butter in the pan then toss the cabbage in and stir until every piece is coated.  Keep stirring until the cabbage begins to soften.

Starting to cook the cabbage

7. You can let the cabbage rest while it’s cooking and stir occasionally to make sure it doesn’t burn.  When it starts to brown a little, you can turn the heat down from high to medium.

Cabbage starting to brown

8. At that stage, you can eat it, and it tastes wonderful.  If you’re like my sister and me, you can let it brown a little more.  And at that point, you can turn the heat down to low while you’re waiting for the rest of the meal.

Finished Cabbage

9. Finally, your meal should be done, and you can plate it up and eat it until you can’t move because you’re so full.

Crunchy pork/chicken, cabbage, and sout cream and chives potatoes


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