First Guest Cook Post: Tater Tot Casserole with The Roommate

Note: This has been tossed around since I started Geek Girl — the idea of having “guest cooks” to make posts with recipes and photos.  I haven’t done it yet because I haven’t had anyone who’d cooked something that either wanted to make a guest cook post (or who doesn’t already have his/her own cooking blog).  Today, Geek Girl Gourmet is proud to introduce the first Guest Cook Blog.  And let me guarantee that this dish is very tasty.  This kitchen superhero gives it two thumbs up, and my sister and aunt agree!  This can leave leftovers…IF everyone can stop eating after the first helping!


Hello all, The Roommate here! Normally I don’t cook. Why would I when I live with such a fantastic cook myself, right? However, every once in a blue moon, I have some dishes Tracy likes for me to make. This is a recent one I discovered how to make and she’s letting me share it with you all. It’s a tater tot casserole.

I know there are many versions of tater tot casseroles out there. This is one that while I was in training for my current job, someone brought in for our graduation ceremony potluck. I fell in love with it and brought it home. It is simple but very filling and very delicious.

It takes:

2lbs of hamburger (I prefer 80/20)

2 cans of cream of mushroom soup

One bag of tater tots

Cheese -grated (amount can depend on your tastes)

Garlic salt to taste

Pepper to taste




Note here, the ratio for soup to meat seems to be 1 can to 1 pound of meat, maybe 1.5 pounds of meat.

You start off by heating the oven up to 425º so that by the time you’re done with prepping the casserole you can just slip it into the oven.

Brown the hamburger meat, seasoning to taste. Drain it completely of grease.

Ground Beef Cooking

Set the skillet back onto the stove and while it’s still hot, dump the cans of cream of mushroom soup in, stirring until the meat is complete covered.

Ground Beef and Cream of Mushroom Soup

Put the meat-soup mixture into your casserole dish. For this one, a 9×12 is the perfect size. If you do 1lb of meat, I’d suggest using an 8×8 or 9×9 dish.

Building the Casserole 01

The next step I do is put some grated cheese on the meat with the soup. I’d say this is optional but I couldn’t think of doing it any other way.

Building the Casserole 02

Layer your tater tots over the meat and cheese evenly, covering as much of it as possible. There may be some tater tots left over, but that just means a snack for later.

Building the Casserole 03

Add more cheese then stick it in the oven for about 15 minutes until the tater tots are done. I usually leave it in about 5 minutes longer to get the cheese really melty.

Building the Casserole 04

Pull it out, let it cool for a few minutes then serve!

Cooked Casserole 1

Cooked Casserole 2


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