Let me give you a quiche: Chicken and mushroom quiche

I know.  I know.  I haven’t posted nearly enough here in the last few months, but I’ve had a few good reasons.  The first good reason is that on December 15th, I…


After graduation was, of course, Christmas, and the only things I cooked for that were two pies.  My sister-in-law cooked the rest, and her son made an amazing brisket.  The rest of the time, I’ve been job hunting like a fiend.  Honestly, you’d think that SOMEONE I’ve applied to would hire my geeky ass.  But no.  Not yet.  So if you have any love for me at all, please sent out “good employment energy” that I might find something in the field of writing/editing/publishing, or at the very least something in a library or office that will leave me my evenings free to continue cooking, posting to blogs, and writing my nerdy little heart out.

However, tonight I decided to crack out the quiche recipe again to make it.  I’d made it several months ago, and it was good, but I’d made a few wrong turns on the test drive.  First off, I’d attempted to use white cheddar cheese, which admittedly tasted wonderful, but it made the quiche a little too greasy.  Second, when I sautéed the chicken and mushrooms in butter, I didn’t drain off the excess butter, which also made it more oily than it needed to be.  Third, and this was a big one, when I baked off the pie crust beforehand, I didn’t use dried beans or pie weights in the unbaked pie crust before I put it in to bake, which made the crust shrink in a little.  Well, I know now what to do, so tonight, I did it.

The quiche recipe I used is one that I got from my older brother Joseph and his wife Linda.  It’s a basic recipe that doesn’t include the ‘filling’.  That you have to decide for yourself.  The first time I had it, Louisiana crawfish had been cooked into it, and it was the most amazing thing I’d put in my mouth.  I would love to get my hands on some, and hopefully one of these days I will.  But the first thing I’d wanted to make in a quiche that I would have on hand is chicken and mushrooms.  Really, it’s a quiche.  You can fill it with pretty much anything, so I’m told.



6 eggs

1 pint heavy cream

1 lb Swiss cheese

Filling of your choice

Halving the recipe – 1 cup heavy cream, 3 eggs, ½ pound of cheese (Baby Swiss)


Brown one deep dish pie crust for 20 minutes.  Cook filling.  Keep as dry as possible.  Put filling in crust.  Add ½ of cheese and egg mixture.  Mix slightly.  Add rest of cheese.  Cover exposed crust with foil to prevent overcooking.  Bake for 30 minutes at 350° and check.  Quiche is done when toothpick comes out of quiche clean.  Let stand for 15 minutes.

Full recipe makes 2 quiches.

Dried beans in a pie crustBaked pie crustEgg & cream mixtureCrust with first layer of Swiss cheese




Chicken & mushroom filling Chicken, mushrooms, & egg mix Last layer of cheese Quiche finished 01






Quiche on my plate with glass of wine


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