Review: The Dog and Duck Pub — Austin, Texas

This is how bad I’ve been off my Geek Girl game lastly.  Back in September — yes, September! — the Roommate and I went to Austin for the free museum day.  We went to the Blanton Museum of Art at the University of Texas and spent several hours there wandering around.  We realized that we had a great opportunity (because we had validated parking at the parking garage on campus) to check out some of the restaurants in that area, as opposed to our usual haunts (though we found one the time before that, which we’re planning on going back to so that I can do a review).  So we pulled out our trusty androids (who sadly look nothing like David or Data) and started looking up the choices in the area within walking distance.

Well, what we decided on was a place called The Dog and Duck Pub, which turned out to be about three blocks away and past some construction with the way we walked to get there, so by the time we made it, we’d worked up a good appetite.


The Dog and Duck is a cute little British-style pub that was so great to stumble on.  Even with the construction we had to dodge, it was well-worth the walk that it took us to get there.   As you can see, the exterior is simple.  It’s not a fancy place, nor should it be.  It was a sweet taste of London right in the middle of twangy Texas.

The inside of the pub was even better than the outside with a very “pub-feel” to the atmosphere.  The day we went, which was an overcast day, wasn’t very busy, but there was a big group at one table and another guy off by himself.  Everyone there seemed to be regulars.  From the aroma just from walking in — all yeasty from all the beer on tap, and all the spices from the kitchen — we knew this would be a good lunch.  We weren’t there in time for Happy Hour, but that didn’t stop me from ordering a beer, especially when I saw that they had Stella Artois on tap.  I’d wanted to try it ever since I saw the commercial with Adrien Brody.  What can I say?  I’m a sucker for a hot actor with a sexy voice.



When you go in, you find a place to sit, then you go up to the counter with a menu and order your food and drinks.  The waitstaff were friendly and helpful.  I even bought a Dog and Duck t-shirt!  Now if you look over the menu, you’ll see that there’s a variety of tasty treats.  I went for more traditional pub fair — fish and chips — while the Roommate ordered the chicken ranch gyro.  At first, I worried that the food, while probably excellent, wouldn’t match up to the costs — not that it was expensive by any means.  No, the fare was pretty comparable to most places you go anymore — ranging from $7.99 and up, but I don’t recall that there was anything on the menu much more than $15-$17.

Now I say that about the amount of food compared to the cost.  Let me tell you something — there is absolutely no need to worry about that.  When the waitress brought out our food, we were both pleasantly surprised.  The chicken ranch gyro was HUGE and it came with fries, and while I’d ordered the lunch portion of the fish — meaning one piece of fish with the fries — I got two, and the waitress told me, “Those looked small, so I told the cook to fix another piece for you and I’ll bring it out as soon as it’s done.  I was shocked!  I was impressed!  And I was even more impressed when dug right in.  The fish was a mild white fish, flaky and covered with a great beer batter that was neither too thick nor too thin.  It had a great flavor all on its own, but their tartar sauce was fantastic.  You could tell it was made fresh and not something nasty out of a jar.   The Roommate’s chicken gyro had such a great flavor, too!  Oh and when the third piece of fish was brought out to me, it also came in a basket with more fries.

We were thoroughly and happily full by the time we were done eating, and we were grateful that we had the three block walk back to the car.  We needed it!

So if you’re in Austin and you’re looking for something a little different from what you’d expect to find in Texas, head over to 406 West 17th Street to the Dog and Duck.  I promise you won’t regret it!


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