Nobody puts Baby in the corner — Homemade Salsa

Goodness, dear followers, how did time get away from me this much?  I have a review post to make from September, but first, I’m going to do this post for the Roommate because she’s been bragging on my salsa to her friends online.  It’s for homemade salsa, so it’ll be a pretty quick and short post.  But at least it’s a post, yes?


Now while I size my photos for the site, you might be wondering what all I’ve been doing that I haven’t had time to post tasty delights for you all.  Well, I’ll tell you.  Between the last post and now, I’ve started my final semester of grad school, gone to classes, aced my written comps, annnnnnnd…ACED MY ORAL DEFENSE.   Yes, folks, you’re hearing it here and now.  I am now a Master of Fine Arts — a Master of Poetry.

Now I still have to get my thesis all completely submitted and everything and finish up my last poetry workshop and my Form and Theory class — which means I’ll be starting a final paper soon.  BUT I am so close to being done that I can TASTE it.

And now speaking of taste…on to the salsa.


3-6 firm tomatoes

1 onion

2-4 jalapenos

Lime juice, fresh or bottled, whichever you have on hand

Garlic salt — to taste

cilantro — fresh or dried, again, whichever you have on hand

Louisiana hot sauce — enough to add some extra kick

1 small can of tomato sauce, optional for smoothness, or 1/2 of a small can of tomato paste; this will make it a thicker salsa (YUM!)

Now you want your food processor (or blender, or however you intend to make your salsa into salsa instead of pico de gallo) at the ready, but what you’re going to start with is chopping up  most of your ingredients and mixing them together in a bowl before you even put them into the food processor.  This gives them a chance to be thoroughly mixed together, as well as gives you the chance to have pico de gallo if you want.  Start in whatever order you want, really, but I started with the tomatoes, which I cut into about dime-sized cubes.  Next I peeled and chopped up the onion about the same, followed the by jalapeno.  Depending on how spicy you want it, just leave in all the seeds and white membrane of the pepper (but obviously not the stem).    Add in the cilantro — chop of leaves pretty fine if you use fresh or just put several pinches in if you’re using dry — garlic salt and lime juice.  I probably used a tablespoon or two of juice, but it’s up to  your tastebuds.  If you use fresh limes, I’d say one and a half to two limes would be perfect, depending on how much salsa you’re making.  Once all of the ingredients are cut up and put into the bowl, use a spoon and stir it all around until everything’s coated with the garlic salt, cilantro and lime juice.


Now you have pico de gallo!

As a note, one of the things you can do with it at this stage is add it to some mashed up avocado for some quick guacamole.  Normally when I make guacamole, I don’t put jalapeno in it, but I’ve had it that way, and it’s really good.  The key to good guacamole is to have the fresh onions and tomatoes to make it really yummy.

ANYHOO!  Back to the salsa.

From this point, you want to go to your food processor.  Put everything in the bowl into the food processor, put on the lid, then pulse it until you have it at the consistency you want.  For me, the best is to have tiny bits of the fresh ingredients still instead of completely blended, but either is good.  Now take off the lid and add in a good several dollops of the Louisiana hot sauce.  The more you use, the spicier it’ll be and the spicier it’ll become the longer it sits in the fridge.  Pulse again to make sure it’s all blended in.

Now IF you want it more blended and perhaps a little saucier, add in an 8 oz can of tomato sauce.  I’ve done that before, and it’s tasty, but this time, didn’t bother.  🙂  Edited to add: Recently, I made a batch of salsa and decided to add half a small can of tomato paste, and it made it thicker and much better than the tomato sauce.  But at this point, you should have a batch of awesome homemade salsa that will taste better than anything you buy in a jar at the store.  Enjoy!


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