Reviews: Trailer Eateries here in San Marcos, Texas

I haven’t done a review in a while (not since 221 Baker St.), and I feel a little remiss in keeping up with that.  There are other restaurants I want to eventually get back to for review purposes, but I need to get these two little gems done so that people will understand the sheer brilliance over such a neat concept.  I’ve been told that ‘trailer park eateries’ are pretty common in other big cities (even in Austin, which I haven’t run into yet, but then Kass and I haven’t explored even 1/10th of Austin yet, and I’ve also been told that these outdoor eateries are pretty good.  We’d watched the first one start up behind an old restaurant, which was eventually torn down so that The Hitch could eventually grow and be noticed by people driving up and down Hopkins.  It wasn’t long before we saw Mimi’s Trailer Park Eatery was underway as well.  We started seeing reviews in our county newspaper that we get free in the mail, Community Impact, and the more we saw what the menus were offering, the more we wanted to try them.

Back in May, right before Rebecca‘s visit for The Avengers, Kass and I were out running errands to get ready for said visit, and we decided to try out something from Mimi’s because we were in that area.  It was really hard to decide what we wanted to eat, and of course, in a place like this, we didn’t have to both eat the same thing.  One of the places I wanted to try, the Cajun Cruiser, wasn’t opened yet, so we decided finally to hone in on The Nibbling Nomad, which had some very mouth-watering choices.  Along with that, we chose to order cold drinks from the Pedestrian Café — they had “shakes,” which some were milkshakes and some were smoothies.  Being May in Texas, it was already hot, so those sounded really good.

Kass and I hovered around the menu at Nibbling Nomad for a few minutes while the men running it set up.  It was really hard to decide which of the dishes we wanted to try, and naturally, we wanted to each try something different so that we could then try each other’s.  I mean, look at the menu —


After much debating, Kass ordered the Near East, and I ordered the West Indies.  While we waited, we walked down to the Pedestrian Café and ordered our drinks.  There, I ordered the Mixed Fruit shake, which was essentially several berries and Acai with ice and blended to a very tasty, fruity drink of cold divinity.  Kass ordered the Walken, which was dark chocolate and chocolate and lots of chocolate yumminess.

Finally, our food came out, and both dishes smelled wonderful, and they tasted even better.  We ordered some flour tortillas with them, which just added to the taste and gave something to get up all the sauce.  Kass’ only complaint — and this is her complaint of any dish at any restaurant that she forgets to ask them to leave them off — were the onions.  There were  onions, and they were crunchy and fresh and not so much cooked until they were soft.  She’s not big on onions, and that’s her personal preference, not a reflection on the Nibbling Nomads!  The flavor combinations, however, were a perfect blend of spiciness and savory, and mine had the sweetness of the citrus relish that blended so perfectly with the peppers and rice and black beans and onions that I just wanted to plant my whole face into the bowl and consume it in three bites like a horse!

And this was lunch on that lovely day in May!

Then Tuesday, July 17th, Kass and I had many errands we wanted to run, one of which was finally making it out to the San Marcos Farmer’s Market, which isn’t that far from either trailer park eatery, so we decided today to try our luck with The Hitch.  There aren’t as many trailers there, but we set our sights on St. Pita’s Heavenly Good Eats.    This time, however, we both ordered the same thing — the Classic.  Only Kass was smart this time and asked for the onions to be left off and to not have as much lettuce.  To drink, we bought two bottles of Sweet Leaf Tea (original), which is a locally bottled iced tea that doesn’t taste like the inside of a sweaty gym shoe like most bottled or canned teas (save one, which I might review here at a later date on its own).

Well, now…we both speculated that the “saintly sauce” would be tzatziki sauce, as usually comes with gyros, and both of us love tzatziki when it’s made right.  Weren’t we surprised, however, when we were given our pitas full of yummy beef and lamb and tomatoes and onions (on mine) and lettuce…and a sauce that was lightly orange?  Dear gods, we both took our first bites and the SPICINESS of the “saintly sauce” spiked across our tongues and woke up our tastebuds!  We tried to figure out what could possibly be in this sauce.  We knew it didn’t have the smoky flavor of chipotle, but it had the same type of bite.  Well, now looking at their menu again, it could be Sriracha mixed with…something creamy like yogurt…and then added to this already divine pita.

So if you find yourself in San Marcos, Texas, and you’re looking for something a little different to eat that gives you the option of sitting outdoors, give either Mimi’s or The Hitch a try!


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