Today’s Wine: Barefoot Moscato

I’ve been slowly becoming more interested in wine over the years.  Before I turned twenty-one, I knew I liked Beringer White Zinfandel because it’s sweet (without being sickeningly so) and not overly dry.  No, it’s not dry at all, which I like.  Over the years, I’ve tried over a dozen wines, some that I adore and some that I wouldn’t put into my mouth again if someone paid me a lot of money.  Now that I’m much older, and especially because I live in the Texas Hill Country, surrounded by vineyards, I want to try more.  Now, I’m not Frasier Crane or his brother Niles, so I’m no wine snob, and I don’t know even a tenth of what I should know to become a wine connoisseur.

I would, however, like to learn.

When I set up this blog, aside from my own cooking and drink recipes that I wanted to post, I wanted to use this for restaurant reviews and even brand reviews for wine, beer, perhaps even food items (where I prefer one brand over another).

So, now I want to do my first wine review, as best I can without being the aforementioned wine snob.

With last night’s dinner of chicken vindaloo, my friend Jenn who was visiting bought a bottle of Barefoot Moscato.   Now I’d once had Ste. Genevieve Moscato, or rather a taste of it once when my sister and I went to Goliad Days in October of 2009, and I’d determined then that Moscato is damned delicious.   If you want to know more about a Moscato, here is a goodly bit of information about it.  If you like sweet wines but not extremely sweet ones (like Mogen David), then this would be a wine for you.  For a dessert wine that has become a little more mainstream on the dinner table, I would say that this lightly sweet treat on the tongue is one of my favorites.  I was pleased to find out that the Barefoot label does not disappoint.

Barefoot Moscato

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  1. I recently tried this wine and liked it a lot. I noticed a nice crisp pear aroma as soon as I opened the bottle. I also liked that it wasn’t overly sweet. At $7.00 the price is good too.


    1. There was that slight hint of pear. I know that it was a very crisp and tasty wine, and I love that it wasn’t dry at all. The price is definitely a steal!

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