Cool blast of summery sweet: The Blink Smoothie

But first, let me advertise a bit.  See, for a long time, I thought a lot of the new-fangled gadgets were a bit silly.  The Keurig/Mr. Coffee single cup coffee makers, small bowls and such for setting aside chopped veggies and spices (doesn’t that just make more dishes to have to wash?), cherry pitters, bagel slicers, and the item I’m about to go into near-sacred praising of: the single smoothie/shake blender.  After all, I have a nice full-sized blender, why would I ever need a single one?

Simple.  Storage and cleaning and convenience.

I found mine, a Hamilton Beach Personal Blender at a local grocery store (HEB for those Texas folk who read my blog) for $15.  You can also find them at Walmart and at Target (I’m sure), or you can find more expensive equivalents.  Mine is just like the one at Amazon, only…

My Wee Blender

Now for the smoothie that I made yesterday, the Blink Smoothie.  I’m naming it that because the color is very similar to the X-Men character, Blink, and since this is the Geek Girl Gourmet, I definitely need to make sure the Geek is represented thoroughly in these pages.

First off, I put 5 ice cubes (you don’t want to overload these wee beauties with too much ice, after all) in and crushed them up first.  Then I added the frozen strawberries (again about 4-6, depending on the size) and blend those in.  Add in the blueberries (either frozen or fresh; I used fresh because I have them).  Now these aren’t going to blend smoothly yet, but at least, they’ll be ground up a bit.  This is when you want to add your juice base.  I used an HEB brand blueberry-pomegranate juice and added probably a third or half a cup.  When I blended this time, it all became smooth and good.

Blink Smoothie Ingredients


And the end results?  So freakin’ delicious!

Blink Smoothie

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  1. Lovely Lavender says:

    Have you thought of adding a dolup of heavy cream and a tiny bit of vanilla extract? It sounds really good.

  2. Not for regular smoothies, but I do have an idea for either a milkshake, yogurt smoothie drink or I might try adding just the heavy cream to it, and that’ll be one of my many X-Men themed drinks (I’m thinking that all of my smoothies and milkshakes will have X-Men themed names, and that’ll include stuff from slash fanfiction that I read/write).

    The Blink Smoothie here has no sugar other than natural and whatever was in the blueberry-pomegranate juice. It was fantastic. Right now, I’m drinking one that consists of ice, banana, pineapple sherbet and the non-alcoholic pina colada mix for the coconut. It’s good. I’m going to play around with this idea a little more, research my X-Men for a tropical idea then slap it up here sometime.

  3. Katy says:

    I love smoothies. I should try and make more, since I think I have a blender available, here. You should definitely share more smoothie recipes! (And I do love that you’re naming them after X-men.)

  4. Oh I’m going to share more smoothie recipes. I’ve got two in mind to do and already have their names planned. 😀 Kass and I are trying to drink healthier (way fewer sodas, way more water), so the smoothies are great. So far, I haven’t even added extra sugar or anything, though I might try and add like a spoonful of honey or something to the Blink just to see how that changes the flavor.

    1. Katy says:

      I really like honey in smoothies. Some berries and the like are tart enough that something to sweeten it does help, and I prefer honey to sugar. Bananas are also popular to add, since it makes it thicker and sweeter, but some things taste better without, in my opinion. Man, now I really want a smoothie.

  5. Bananas are good, but they can be a pain in the ass to keep around if you don’t use/eat them fast enough. Plus if you don’t -want- the specific banana flavor (as it can easily overpower a drink), then it’s best to stick with honey, I think. I think I need to make a smoothie this afternoon!

    1. Katy says:

      Do it! And then, like, mail me some. But yeah, a lot of people claim that banana is such a “neutral” flavor that you can’t taste it, but I always totally can. Which is usually fine, because I like bananas and think they’re good with lots of stuff, but you CAN taste them. And it’s true, they have such a short usable lifespan. Though overripe bananas are great for banana bread!

  6. LOL I don’t think it would survive the Texas heat in mail to get to you! Otherwise, I’d so send you a smoothie. 🙂 I want to branch out, too, and make frozen coffee drinks. 🙂

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